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8 tips to help secure your smart home and IoT devices
Cybercriminals probably already know the default passwords that come with many IoT products. That makes it easy for them to access your IoT devices and, potentially, the information on them.
 Change Default Usernames and Passwords
Don’t stick with the name the manufacturer gave it — it might identify the make or model. Give it an unusual name not associated with you or your street address. You don’t want your router name to give away any personal identifiers.
Give Your Router a Name
In your router settings, it’s a good idea to use a strong encryption method, like WPA2, when you set up Wi-Fi network access. This will help keep your network and communications secure.
Use a Strong Encryption Method for Wi-Fi
Keep your Wi-Fi account private. Visitors, friends and relatives can log into a separate network that doesn’t tie into your IoT devices.
Set Up a Guest Network
8 Simple Tips to Help you secure your home computer and Network.
Keep Your Home
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